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2018-01-13 New Year... How About You? Pastor Paul Vunileva Play
2018-01-06 What's Your Time? Paster Paul Play
2017-12-30 The Greatest Joy Pastor Paul Play
2017-12-23 Littleton Christmas Program Littleton Kids Play
2017-12-09 The Hope of the Advent Pastor Paul Play
2017-12-06 Fearless Lonnie Hetterle Play
2017-11-25 5 Elments Pastor Alex Rodreguiz Play
2017-11-18 Hosea 3 Pastor Paul Play
2017-11-11 Josea Play
2017-10-28 But God... Pastor Paul Play
2017-10-21 Sermon Pastor Paul Play
2017-10-14 Worship in Word Stan Schmidt Play
2017-10-07 Worship in Word Pastor Paul Play
2017-09-30 Caught in the Stronghold Pastor Paul Vunileva Play
2017-09-26 Sermon September 23,2017 Pastor Paul Vunileva Play
2017-09-16 The Fight you were meant to lose Pastor Paul Vunileva Play
2017-09-09 Adventist Help Kim Bussell Play
2017-09-02 Communion Sabbath Pastor Paul Play
2017-08-26 R_20170826-105608am.mp3 Play
2017-08-19 It Will Happen Paster Paul Play
2017-08-12 My Identity is in Him Leandro Bizama Play
2017-08-05 "Grit" Walter Weber Play
2017-07-29 The Sermon Pastor Paul Vunileva Play
2017-07-22 Edrey Santos Play
2017-07-15 The Battle That Wasn't & The Battle That Is Brodie Philpott Play
2017-07-08 All In Pastor Paul Vunileva Play
2017-07-08 VBS 7-1-17 Kids Play
2017-06-24 Coming out of the Drought Pastor Paul Vunileva Play
2017-06-10 Chaplain Mike Hansen Play
2017-06-03 Coming Out of the Drought Pastor Paul Vunileva Play
2017-05-13 The Least of These Pastor Paul Vunileva Play
2017-05-06 Don't Grow Weary of Doing Good Elder Gary Thurber Play
2017-04-29 Good Enough Pastor Paul Vunileva Play
2017-04-22 MESSAGE KYLE BERG Play
2017-04-15 A tomb with a veiw Paul Vunileva Play
2017-04-08 Nails.... Done Pastor Paul Vunileva Play
2017-04-01 What is it? Paster Paul Vunileva Play
2017-03-25 Science, The Brain and the Bible - Part 4 Chad & Fadia Kreuzer Play
2017-03-25 Science, The Brain and the Bible - Part 3 Chad & Fadia Kruezner Play
2017-03-24 Science, The Brain and the Bible - Part 2 Chad & Fadia Kreuzer Play
2017-03-23 Science, The Brain and the Bible - Part 1 Chad & Fadia Kreuzer Play
2017-03-18 WHAT'S YOUR NAME Pastor Paul Vunileva Play
2017-03-11 How's Your Vision Pastor Paul Vunileva Play
2017-03-04 Go Pastor Paul Vunileva Play
2017-02-25 Worship in Word Paster Paul Vunileva Play
2017-02-18 Don't Give up...Get Up and Eat Russel Palmer Play
2017-02-11 Matters of the Heart Pastor Paul Vunileva Play
2017-02-04 Maters Of The Heart Pastor Paul Vunileva Play
2017-01-28 Walking in Faith Pastor Paul Vunileva Play
2017-01-21 In Remembrance of Me Pastor Paul Vunileva Play
2017-01-14 BREAK THROUGH Crossing over Pastor Paul Vunileva Play
2017-01-07 Don't Skip the Honey Pastor Paul Vunileva Play
2016-12-31 Worship in Word Dec 31 2016 Pastor Ricky Melendez Play
2016-12-24 Christmas Worship Dec 24 2016 Pastor Paul Vunileva Play
2016-12-17 Worship in Word Dec 17 2016.mp3 Pastor Paul Vunileva Play
2016-12-10 Worship in Word Dec 10 2016 Pastor Paul Vunileva Play
2016-12-03 Worship In Word Pastor Paul Play
2016-11-26 20_20 Vision Pastor Paul Play
2016-11-19 How Much Is Your Thanksgiving Worth? Leandro Bizama Play
2016-11-12 God's Thanksgiving Basket Pastor Paul Vunileva Play
2016-11-05 Hidden Manna Paster Paul Vunileva Play
2016-10-29 Really?? Pastor Paul Vunileva Play
2016-10-15 Bring Back Your Cutting Edge Pastor Paul Vunileva Play
2016-10-08 Worship In Word Pastor Paul Vunileva Play
2016-10-01 Evolution-A Spirtitual Deception Greg Pauls Play
2016-09-24 Because He Lives Toni Parish Play
2016-09-17 Stretch_Outreach Pastor Paul Vunileva Play
2016-09-10 Step Out Pastor Paul Vunileva Play
2016-09-03 The Shadow of Life Pastor Paul Vunileva Play
2016-08-27 A Street Called Straight Pastor Paul Vunileva Play
2016-08-20 Do You Want To Be Made Whole? Paster Paul Vunileva Play
2016-08-13 Come and See Pastor Paul Vunileva Play
2016-08-06 When The Church Goes Through the Roof Pastor Godfrey Miranda Play
2016-07-30 Jesus Cares For Us Mr Gerard Seton Play
2016-07-23 Bring Back The Glory Kay Wakefield Play
2016-07-16 Jesus is not for sale Ted Williams Play
2016-07-09 Hope Is A Bend in the Road Chaplain Glenn Sackett Play
2016-07-02 Pursuit of Happiness Pastor Tony Parrish Play
2016-06-25 It Was Done for You, Little Sheep Mr . Brodie Philpott Play
2016-06-18 Glory That Cannot Be Unseen Nathaniel Gamble Play
2016-06-11 When God Heard this He was Furious Elder Ed Barnett Play
2016-06-04 Noah's Flood - Evidence & Symbols Daniel Warner Play
2016-05-28 A Night of Accounting Pastor Yoram Tumbarante Play
2016-05-14 Speak of All His Wonders Chaplain Jonathan Arroyo Play
2016-05-07 He Has You in His Heart Bruce Aalborg Play
2016-04-30 No Turning Back Kase Vunileva Play
2016-04-23 May the Church be Connected Bruce Aalborg Play
2016-04-16 In A Little While - Part 2 Pastor Bruce Aalborg Play
2016-04-09 In a Little While bruce AAlborg Play
2016-04-02 To Know God is Not Enough Rick Mautz Play
2016-03-26 Suffering, then Glory Pastor Bruce Aalborg Play
2016-03-19 The Centrality of the Cross of Christ Pastor Bruce Aalborg Play
2016-03-12 Passion for Christ - Part 2 President WWU Dr. John McVay Play
2016-03-11 When God Calls Your Name Dr. John McVay President WWU Play
2016-03-05 The Last Enemy - I Corinthians 15 Daniel Warner Play
2016-02-27 Living A Confessional Life Pastor Bruce Play
2016-02-20 In the School of Jesus Pastor Bruce Aalborg Play
2016-02-06 Our Most Desperate Need Brodie Philpott Play
2016-01-30 Moments of Change Pastor Bruce Aalborg Play
2016-01-23 Message in Song Jennifer LaMountain Play
2016-01-16 Satisfied with AllThat God is for Us in Jesus Bruce Aalborg Play
2016-01-09 He Sets Eternity in The Hearts of Men Pastor Bruce Aalborg Play
2016-01-02 Conversations in Prayer Pastor Bruce Aalborg Play
2015-12-26 The Open Door John 10:7-10 Chaplain Jonathon Arroyo Play
2015-12-19 Littleton Christmas Program Congregation Play
2015-12-12 Entering Eternity Now! Pastor Bruce Aalborg Play
2015-12-05 Jesus Sighs Bruce Aalborg Play
2015-11-28 Peace 11-28-15 Pastor Bruce Aalborg Play
2015-11-21 Appreciate Praise, Be Grateful Pastor Bruce Aalborg Play
2015-11-07 When Jesus Says, "Love The Lord With All Your Heart" Pastor Bruce Aalborg Play
2015-10-31 If God can use me, he can use you Jamie Jorge Play
2015-10-24 Jesus Loves Tree Huggers Pastor Craig Carr Play
2015-10-17 When Did It Get So Complicated Pastor Bruce Aalborg Play
2015-10-10 How to See The Face of God Chaplain Jonathan Arroyo Play
2015-10-03 Education Day MHA Play
2015-09-26 Meet Him For Breakfast Bruce Aalborg Play
2015-09-19 End It Now Lisa Mol and Pastor Bruce Aalborg Play
2015-09-12 We Cannot_Only He Can Pastor Bruce Aalborg Play
2015-09-05 The Heart of The Matter Pastor Bruce Aalborg Play
2015-08-29 You and Church Pastor Bruce Aalborg Play
2015-08-21 Jerry Nelson Concert Jerry Nelson Play
2015-08-14 Unleashing God's Power part II Jerry and Janet Page Play
2015-08-14 Unleashing God's Power Jerry and Janet Page Play
2015-08-07 Back to School Clothing Pastor Bruce Aalborg Play
2015-07-24 Live to Lean on Christ Pastor Bruce Aalborg Play
2015-07-10 Going Home to be with the Father Pastor Bruce Aalborg Play
2015-06-26 Jesus: The Criterion of Caesarea Philippi Nathaniel Gamble Play
2015-06-19 Grace to The Graceless Bruce Aalborg Play
2015-06-12 Convicted to Love Pastor Bruce Aalborg Play
2015-05-29 Nutrition: Your Source for Growth Pastor Bruce Aalborg Play
2015-05-22 Remember Pastor Bruce Aalborg Play
2015-05-08 John - Son of Thunder Dick Stenbakken Play
2015-05-08 Peter - Prince of Mistakes Dick Stenbakken Play
2015-05-01 Friends with God and Others High Ground Kids Play