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Anonymous Donors Pay Off Debt of Adventist Schools in Oregon Conference

Enrollment is surging at the conference’s 31 schools as the donors also sponsor dozens of students.

From Russia, With God’s Love

Tears fall as Adventist scholars release a modern translation of the Bible in Russian.

At Adventist Request, Rome Will Name Square After Martin Luther

Piazza Martin Lutero also gets the backing of the Catholic Church.

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Start: 07:26 PM, 09/04/2015

End: 07:25 PM, 09/05/2015

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Thank you for viewing our website!  We are glad to welcome new visitors to our site and to our church.  


Our goal is to have a passionate, visual, uplifting service with Christ as our main focus.

Our motto - Reach Up In Praise, Reach In To God's Word and Reach Out To Others - encapsulates everything we strive for at Littleton Church.

Please take a moment today to familiarize yourself with all the activities going on at Littleton Church and we hope to see you soon!



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